God's Power

by Jesus & The Robot

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released June 8, 2016



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Jesus & The Robot Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We decided collectively to form a super band and to take over the world by making catchy and undeniably beautiful songs about an assortment of things. We figured that it will only be a matter of time before the our music spreads like a deadly wildfire that wipes out much plantation and houses causing ruin to items and personal lives. ... more

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Track Name: The Creation
While stationed in Iraq I couldn't help but to notice that I was losing my mind.
So I just followed that mind of mine around so it wouldn't be hard to find.
I'd hold conversations with myself between a robot and the son of God.
On convoys behind a ma-duece, I'd do this, I kid you not
That's where I created Jesus and the almighty robot.

That was back in 2005 and a lot has happened since then.
Was married living in San Francisco when the PTSD had settled in.
I was depressed and having disassociative spells so we had ourselves a son.
That helped keep me from visiting the Golden Gate Bridge, not to admire but to jump from.
Without Sarah and Emmett around a suicide would've been done.

After awhile we moved to Petaluma where we would have a couple daughters.
I had to keep those post traumatic stress demons of mine at bay to be a good father.

Juniper Frances and Meridian Jean help me to keep it together.
A knitted sweater for treacherous weather, I think I'm feeling better.

So now we live in Pittsburgh and I'm trying to get used to it all.
It's nice to experience seasons, the color leafs change in the fall.
And I find it strange that the snow helps me to actually feel at ease.
Moving out east from the west has brought me a certain peace.
Even though I can feel the PTSD inside gnawing at me.
Track Name: I Have To Go Return Some Videotapes
Hey buddy, how ya doin?
Gosh it's been a long, long time. It's been what? Ten years? How's the wife, the kids? Oh, there just fine. Seriously pal, I got to get going, I really do have to run. Too bad we can't catch up. Yeah sure, maybe next time. Hell yes, a rain check sounds fun.

I have to return some videotapes
I gotta return some videotapes
I have to return some videotapes, now

Please, oh please, oh please God, please don't let them notice me. I just want to get some face cream, clearisil and s few groceries.
Great! Here you come with that shit eating grin and there's nothing I can do. Golly gee, look at the time, I gotts run. Yes, I'll have my people call you.

I gotta return some videotapes
I have to return some videotapes
I gotta return some videotapes, now
Track Name: Killing Jesus
While preaching gospel in Jerusalem, he was approached by some angry men that didn't take kindly to his kind.
Move along, you piece of shit, we don't care much for your magic tricks. You should really lay off the wine.
Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, hear me out.
I'm the son of God and if you have doubts.
I'm only doing what my dad has told and that's when there eyes grew cold and right there they seem to have made up their mind.
Killing Jesus Christ. Killing Jesus Christ. Killing Jesus Christ.

So the angry men got real pissed, they beat the beatnick with their fists. Arrested for witchcraft and blasphemy.
Off to see the governor, you'll go to court for and wind tried and sentenced for heresy.
Guess what? Guess what? Guess what? Jesus Christ.
Your to be scourged and crucified. This crown of thorns you'll wear, carry that cross way over there, do the taunts and whips make you feel fine?
Killing Jesus Christ. Killing Jesus Christ. Killing Jesus Christ.
So nail him, nail him, nail him to that wood. Hang up there and bleed like witches should. Now everybody watch him die, this is what happens when you lie. Those Romans felt so fucking good.
Killing Jesus Christ. Killing Jesus Christ. Killing Jesus Christ.
Track Name: Go To Hell, Sinner
Your going to hell, sinner. With eternal damnation you have a date. Your going to hell, sinner. Brimstone and hellfire will be your fate.
Non believers you better believe that God will make you suffer and punish you until you bleed.

No worries, I'll pray for you but I'm afraid your still going to hell. You haven't accepted Jesus Christ as your lord and savior, I can tell.
Forget the pearly gates, in hell the devil awaits, you better not be late.
Baptize your children or lucifer they'll be seein', they'll burn in hell, in hell.

Your going to hell, sinner. In hell you go when you die and there you'll burn forever and ever and forever, until the end of time.

Don't forget to pack your swim trunks, into that lake you jump. The lake of fire.
God is always watching you so you should know heathen, your screwed.

Your going to hell, sinner. In hell you go when you die and there you'll burn forever and ever and forever, until the end of time.
Track Name: I Hate Your Kid
I was at the playground with my kids, having a good time. Sitting on the bench, eating snacks in the sunshine.
Pass that climbing structure, I mumbled to myself ahhhh fuck her.
From the distance it was hard to tell until she got closer.
There's her doormat mother walking behind her in tow.
Boy what I'd give to tell that beat where to go
And can you guess whose beady evil little eyes met mine from the slide?
Well none other than those of that fucking kid.
I'd like to punch her in the eye but that wouldn't be right.
She's only five years old, much too young to fight.
Plus she's only a girl and when I dream tonight about what I wish I did, I guess it's no secret by now. I guess it's no secret by now. I guess it's no secret by now, I hate. I hate your kid, your kid.
Track Name: Plastic Surgery (Come & Get it)
Ohhhh, lookie at what Vicki did, plastic surgery.
Doc took a knife to the kid, thinks she's now purty.
Collagen. Botox. Implants. Let's rock.
Vicki thought she looked pudgy, plastic surgery.

Ohhhh, lookie at little Danny now, plastic surgery.
He used to feel like a cow, now he's weightlifting.
Steroids. Hormones. Raging testosterone.
Now little Danny is burly, plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery, you know you want it. Plastic surgery, a self esteem nightmare.

Heyyyy, get a load a Janine, plastic surgery. Picked out a photo in a magazine, of Katy Perry.
Nip here. Tuck there. Dangerous? Who cares?
Incomplete origami, plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery, you know you need it. Plastic surgery, say hello to that mirror.

Unless you happen to be a girl or boy, born into the wrong body. Whether your a Bessie or Troy, plastic surgery.
Gender. Reassignment. Happiness. Go find it.
Your dreams can come true with plastic surgery.
Plastic surgery. Plastic surgery.
Track Name: That Mentally Ill Guy & His Sad Clown
Oh, when I'm feeling lonely, discouraged and so blue. I make time for my clown friend, so I'm not the saddest in the room.

Sure the clown looks happy, a smiles painted on his face but I assure you he's really crying, kids will think it's great.

Whether making balloon animals out of ideas or juggling a carousel of thoughts. Turning disillusioned reality and abstract fantasy into art.

So look whose on the high wire, a mentally ill trapeze act. Me and my clown are performing, whoever falls will probably splatter. Together from one end to the other, we'll make it, just don't look down.
Track Name: Brock Turner Is An Entitled Rapist Piece Of Shit
Brock Turner Is A Entitled Rapist Piece Of Shit
Fuck you judge Persky, enabling these pricks to get away with it
Your daddy's note was one of the grossest things I've read
The world would be better off with the three of you's dead
But entitled pricks are everywhere, you may be one yourself
It's not too late to consider killing yourself

Brock, let's see you swim with your hands and feet duct taped together
You will always and forever be known as s sexual predator
I hope your life sucks and become overwhelmed with guilt
The judge gets disbarred and you and your dear old dad gets killed
Smashed by a truck, a gun shot to the face, I don't care
Your kind are like poison in the air

Hey Brock let's see you swim while duct taped in a garbage bag
Another twenty minutes of action and you'll be joined by dear old dad
Bye bye assholes, in the pacific you go for good
To be gobbled up by sharks and become fish food
You set a horrible example to young boys everywhere
Brock Turners of the world are like poison to the air
Track Name: Making America Great Again
Getting pecked by the Ravens, hanging from that redwood tree, twisting in the breeze.

Dripping some stuff onto the street, left for the children to see, little faces filled with glee.

Making America great again, the shit spectacle had to end and from my dining room seat, you can see the gallow. Look out the window, you could see the wind blowing through that reddish blonde fluff of hair, at first he was shaking and kicking like jello.

And the kids were like mommy whose that guy? She said, a hateful man who had to die. A first class ticket straight to hell will be the last thing he'll buy and come tomorrow when they cut him down. They'll drag him through downtown to that big ole dirt mound and bury that creep in the ground...

...but tomorrow is a day away, whose up for dessert? And that's when the kids pointed and asked, if that hurt?
I hope so, I don't know, I like to believe it did. Actually I'm sure he suffered. That's why they used a pulley system to lift him up so he wouldn't go quick with a broken neck, a game of one sided tug a war and up that fucker went.

They'll be no walls or borders to divide, not in hell, that's where your soul will be deported once you die and you can't buy your way back to life or file for bankruptcy, a debt paid in full with death. You could try to be king if you want but today's not that day, instead your hanging around, dancing in the air, just look at how he sways.

So let's leave the dishes in the sink and gather by the window, I'll pour us some drinks and laugh, have a good laugh, a good hearty kind of laugh. Soon the sun will call it a day, the stars and moon will come out to play and we'll go to bed and get some sleep and wake up tomorrow feeling great.

So let him hang, a little bit longer.
Just let him hang, a little while longer.
Now if the immigrants don't mind and the Muslims don't mind and the women don't mind.
We can leave him up there and keep our dancing shoes on.
Oh, let him hang, just a little bit longer.
Please, please, please, say you will, say you will.